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This might be a little different from some other Drabble communities. Here, I give you a topic, quote or idea, someting that has to be included in the peice in one way or another, and send you on your way. And, new in August, you can also post art for any challenge. (thanks to the idea from suutkomgi)

I want everyone to have fun so there are some rules Guidelines that need to be followed.

#1: This, being a fanfic/art community for Danny Phantom, is restricted to only that fandom.(well, unless I post a cross-over challenge.)Any and all pairings are allowed.

#2: Every week, or as close to as I can manage, I will post the next challenge. This means you have about a week to post your entry(s).

Multiple entries are, of course, allowed. You can even respond to multiple challenges with your entry, but be sure to list which challenges you're responding too.

#3: If you have an idea for the next round, you're more than welcome to suggest it; in a response to the active challenge, or in a text message to me. The link to text msg. me is under the 'website' link feature.

#4: Stories should be posted with the following information:

|Pairing (if any),
|Spoiler warnings (if any)
|Standard disclaimer

Any art posted should have the following information:

|Challenge Number
|Any warnings that are nessasary
|Standard Disclaimer

Please, make use of the LJ-cut as well as of the spell-checker that computers offer these days. It cuts down on eye loss.

#5: Off Topic posting is not allowed, period. Remember, there is a community for everything else DP related, dannyphantom. Use it!

#6: Same goes for chat-speak. Do you hate the English language so much that you can't be bothered to make an attempt at correct spelling and grammar? Then this community certainly isn't the right place for you. Smileys are allowed, but keep them down to a reasonable minimum.

#7: Feedback is great! If you took the time to read or look at an entry, I think you can take the time to leave some constructive feedback. Something more than just 'wow, that was great!' Try telling the author why you liked it, or what didn't work for you. Trust me, they'll want it and so will you.

#8: If I find out that someone is STEALING art or story ideas from this community and claiming them as their own, I will ban you, report you to LJ theft, and send ricen to your house. Or just ban you; I haven't decided yet.

Also, if you Flame anyone, for what ever reason, you'll be banned faster than you can say "Eww het/slash". I mean it. Just because this is a fandom for a cartoon, doesn't mean we have to act like uneducated children. Or uneducated adults, for that matter.


Not reading these rules does not exclude you from the consequences of not following them.

I reserve the right to add or change these guidelines should the need arise. Any questions, complaints or insults should be directed to me, that_one_chick.

Other Good Phantom communities:

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|phantom_pics - Great resourse for screen caps. Great quality also, my top choice.