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Challenge 22 Moving day!

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Sep. 18th, 2005 | 01:44 am
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posted by: ex_knight_m in phantom100

Title: Strawberry Wine
Chapter One
Pairing: Danny/Dash in later installments
Rating: Pg-13/ NC-17 in later installments
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the land on my shoes
Word Count: 1,000
Warnings: Adult language, adult content, slight...almost non-existent nudity, a slight reference to drug use, use of alcohol, slash, AU, some OOC,

The night air was cold against his cheek as he walked though the barley lit streets. Danny Fenton, needless to say, was having the most horrid night of his life to date.

“Sam, you know I do not change dippers, Bella is your kid, your responsibility Where is Tucker anyway, this is his job as well?” Danny said nonchalantly as he sipped from the half empty amber bottle.

“Get out.” Sam coldly stated, her annoyance could clearly be heard over the wails of the small child.

Danny rolled his eyes as he set the bottle on the oak tabletop. “What now?”

“You are the worst influence Bella could have, look at you! My God all you do is sit around and drink; do you honestly think I want my baby to be around that sort of person. I mean it this time Danny, Tucker and I have been discussing this for a while now and we both think it is a good idea for you to leave.” Sam said holding Bella closer to her chest softly bouncing her in hopes that the child would calm down.

Danny’s eyes glazed over in obvious anger, “so what, I have to up and leave?” he said throwing his arms upward “Sam, I don’t have a home other than here, I don’t have any money hell I lost the damn bank card!” Danny began to yell.

“See what I mean?” Sam said moving towards the rocking chair. “You are out of control when you are like this” Danny groaned as Sam sat down, and then shifted Bella so that she could unbutton her blouse.

“Dear God Sam, do you have to pull your tits out in front of me!” Danny snarled in disgust as she began to breast feed the now content child.

Sam slowly turned her head away from her friend, “Danny I am not going to say this again, I want you out in ten minuets. Go pack some clothes and find a hotel or something.”

Danny cursed as he picked the bottle up once again and took a long swig from it. “I don’t believe this, you can be such a bitch Sam.” Danny glowered slamming the empty bottle back down on the table, causing the child to commence her crying.

“Eight minuets, I’d hurry if I were you.”

'I do not understand why I had to leave, its not like I would ever hurt my godchild or anything' Danny thought with spiteful tone . The night seemed to grow colder as Danny passed the old high school, ah, memories.

“What are you doing here Fenton?” Shit, not now Danny managed to think in a semi coherent thought.

“I can do what ever the hell I want Baxter, leave me alone.” Dash Baxter, the coach of the Casper high football team had just finished a long practice when he noticed someone stumbling around too close to the fields for his comfort; then simply glared at the drunken man in front of him.

“My God Fenton, you are hammered, your friends evicted you didn’t they?” Dash smirked at his realization. “Why else you be out while pissed, usually your girlfriend wouldn’t let you out of her sight.” Dash snorted.

Danny scoffed as he raised his arm back, meaning to throw a swing at Dash; who in turn took hold of Danny’s limp arm. “Tell you what, you obviously have no where to go otherwise you would not be here, I have a couch at home you can crash on only if you help me out tomorrow, deal?” Dash asked as he lowered Fenton’s arm to his said as he took hold of Danny’s left shoulder to steer him.

“Whatever…” Danny said slowly blinking as he was pushed by Dash down the fifthly streets. Not even thinking to ask what task he would have to accomplish while hungover the following day.

The air was damp and chilled as a drizzle of rain began to fall. It seemed that the lighting had somewhat brightened; then again Danny was too drunk to be sure. “Where are we going.” Danny demanded.

“I told you loser, my apartment is around the corner.” Dash said maneuvering Danny to the right.

“Why the hell am I going to your apartment?” Danny said raising his voice a little more with each word.

“Just move Fenton! You are too drunk to talk to.” Dash said as they approached the front entrance to the complex. Dash adjusted his old on the other man long enough to retrieve his key and push the small button.

“Yes?” The scratchy voice said from the other end.

“Dash Baxter room 654 just checking in my… friend.” Dash said using the sweetest voice he could muster.

“Baxter, it is too late for me to listen to your ramblings just hit the damned button and get out of my sight.” The woman seethed; apparently her night had been just as horrid as Danny’s

“Cranky old hag, always so bitter, you think she would get enough considering this bordello.” Dash stated as he pulled Danny toward the elevator.

“What?” The drunken man slurred. “Enough what?”

Dash stared at Danny with annoyance, “I am doing you a favor Fenton now do one for me and shut up!” Dash snapped as the doors opened the reveal a hallway. “My room is at the end, come on.” Dash grumbled as he half yanked, half drug the limp man to the door marked 654.
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